GenX Tech Solutions Supports An Accounting Firm’s Day-to-Day IT Needs, and Exceeds Their Expectations.

Cornerstone Accounting, Inc., based in New York, NY, and Roseland, NJ, is a firm of 70 auditors, tax professionals, and executives. Just as Cornerstone is dedicated to providing their clients the accounting resources they need to succeed, GenX Tech provides the day-to-day Accounting Firm IT Support that Cornerstone needs to succeed.

The Situation

In 2009, Cornerstone was using an IT vendor that couldn’t understand their financial and tax applications. As a result:

  • Their IT support issues took longer than expected to resolve,
  • Their server was left unattended,
  • Routine maintenance and patching were inadequate, and
  • Cornerstone’s management was required to take on day-to-day operations that the vendor left undone.

The Resolution

This was totally unacceptable—So, Cornerstone asked GenX to take over all of their IT support and service needs. To resolve their emergent issues:

  • We started by consolidating their 35-40 physical servers down to three VMware vSphere hosts.
  • Then, we deployed a pair of Dell Equallogic SANs to host the virtual machines shared between the three vSphere hosts.
  • Shared storage was used to maintain IT continuity in the event of a host failure. (Virtual Machines can survive on the active hosts, and are totally transparent to business operations.)
  • We constructed a simple, yet effective network fabric with Dell Powerconnect network switches. This provided a stable platform for Cornerstone’s virtualized environment.
  • Finally, we met with Cornerstone’s management and, together, we decided to implement a new Exchange environment to replace their obsolete Microsoft Exchange platform. We chose a Microsoft Office Cloud Solution, and also moved them from a CapEX to OpEX model.

As a result, the team at Cornerstone was extremely pleased with their new, more efficient IT operations, and with GenX Tech’s day-to-day IT support.

When Cornerstone required a new telephony system, GenX Tech was also there to help.

In 2011, Cornerstone wanted to retire their antiquated and expensive Avaya telephony system. They reached out to us to design a new solution—One that would be affordable and leverage the features than newer VOIP solutions provided. We successfully designed a telephony solution around Cisco’s SMB VOIP product offerings. We installed it in both of Cornerstone’s offices, and over a weekend, in order to prevent disruptions to their operations.

GenX “Goes Above and Beyond The Call of Duty!”

Marge Filippelli, of Cornerstone Accounting, explained how GenX Tech Solutions “rose to the call” during Hurricane Sandy:

Due to the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, our employees were unable to work in our Roseland office. Regardless of road closures, the scarcity of gasoline, and vehicle curfews, one of GenX Tech’s engineers rode his bicycle over 12 miles, and across a bridge, to get to our office in midtown Manhattan! He made sure that our IT was performing optimally, and that our VPNs stayed up for the influx of remote workers. This is just one example of how GenX Tech continually goes ‘above and beyond the call of duty!’

Throughout all of this, GenX Tech Solutions fully supported Cornerstone’s day-to-day IT needs. And, we can do the same for you. Contact us at (844) 436-9832 or [email protected] to learn how!