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Have I Been PWNed?

How to bounce back from a breach in security. Nothing is worse than getting PWNed in a security breach; it exposes weakness i..

Is Windows 10 Stalking You?

Turn Off Keylogger to Stop Microsoft From Tracking Your Every Word As if it isn’t enough that Microsoft has forced Windows ..

Replace Outdated Tape Backup With Reliable Cloud-Based Solutions

June 7 was the unofficial National VCR Day, a day designated to recognize a technology that was cutting-edge in its time. VC..

Congress has Taken Note of Ransomware

The meteoric rise of ransomware attacks are making waves in the tech community. Anyone who works in IT or web development has..

Should My Computer Upgrade To Windows 10

You’ve seen the pop-ups every day. You’re working away on your favorite application on your trusted Windows 7 or Windows ..

What Makes Managed IT Support So Valuable in Manufacturing?

Manufacturing, as a business sector, goes back a long way. Ever since the first days of the Industrial Revolution, owner/oper..