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What Do YOU Need When It Comes to Information Technology?

When’s the last time an IT company introduced themselves by asking what you want? Sure, we have a lot of possible services and solutions that we can apply to your business – that’s what we do. But at GenX, we don’t just come in and start trying to change things up. Before all else, we ask you this question: What Do You Need?

It’s the core of our business philosophy, and it’s our approach to providing fully managed IT services in NYC. We listen first, find out who you are and what your goals are, and then work with you to design an IT package that fits your needs. We don’t just try to shove the shiniest new toys on the market down your throat. Anyone can do that, and that’s not what we’re about.

Already know what you’re looking for in your IT service provider? Great! We’d love to have a conversation and talk about how we can give it to you. Call us at (844) 436-9832 today and let’s set up a meeting.

If you’re not sure, thought, ask yourself: When it comes to information technology, what are you looking for? We don’t mean what specific services like Office 365 or a VoIP phone network.
Yes, we’ll use tools like those in guiding you through the world of IT, but the way to make sure you get the right tools for your needs is to ask what you want your IT to provide.

Here are some of the core values that we strive to provide through our IT solutions:

Ultimately, everyone wants life to be just a bit easier, right? That’s especially true when it comes to work. We’re willing to bet, though, that you’ve yelled at your computer a time or two when it just wouldn’t do what you want it to. IT can be a pain sometimes if it’s not handled right – that’s why you’re looking for help from a company like GenX. We’re good at making things more convenient.

  • Do you need versatility for your business? How about easy accessibility? You want to consider our cloud services, then. We customize our cloud solutions for each business we work with, but they all offer streamlined and faster systems; easy access in the office, at home, and on the go; and the ability to scale them to your unique size and needs.
  • Do you want to access the cloud but keep the feel of something familiar? Microsoft Office 365 is the answer you need. We offer an Office 365 solution tailored for your needs, letting you access all the power of the cloud but use the familiar features of Office applications like Word and Excel.
  • Do you need better communications? What about a lowered phone bill? Then try our VoIP business phone service. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones are more reliable, flexible, and customizable than traditional phone lines, plus you can access them on any Internet-enabled device. All of that for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone lines.

At GenX, we have a lot of possible services and solutions that we can offer your business. But we don’t like to lead with that. Why would you want someone to come in and tell you what you’re looking for? Instead, we want you to tell us what YOU need. We want to know what you want your technology to do for you, so we can create a customized information technology strategy that fits your unique needs.

We’d love to talk about your business and how we can make GenX fit your needs. Schedule a free, no-obligation review of your business systems by calling us at (844) 436-9832 or sending an email to [email protected] today.
That being said, we know there are some values that all businesses hold dear, and we have services and solutions that meet those needs.

The Full Experience

  • Are you looking to fully outsource your IT services and support? Our managed IT services are the solution you’re looking for. We give you the full IT experience to cover all of your needs, keep your systems always at their best, and ensure you never have any nasty surprises, especially in your budget. Everything comes for a cost-effective flat-rate monthly fee, and you can sit back and let us take care of everything.

You’ve already spent a lot of money on your information technology, and you’re going to spend more in the future. No amount of cost-effective solutions from us is going to change that. So you’ve got to protect that investment, and in so doing, protect your entire business. Security’s about more than just anti-virus programs and firewalls; it’s about thinking ahead and making a plan, and that’s what GenX is all about.

  • Are you worried about the security of your technology? Do you need protection from cybercrime? You can trust in our IT and email security services. We analyze your business the same way a hacker would, and work with you to secure any vulnerabilities, apply the right security solutions, and teach you how to outwit any cybercriminal.
  • Is your business prepared for any disaster? Do you need peace of mind knowing you’re secured? GenX offers business continuity and disaster preparedness to help protect you from whatever the future might bring. We help you backup your IT systems and files and make a plan to react to any level of disaster quickly and easily, so you can focus on getting back to work.

All of the shiniest IT systems and products in the world won’t mean a thing if you don’t have a plan, and planning is our wheelhouse. We work as your partner when it comes to IT, advising you on the right products for your needs, helping you ensure that you’re getting the right IT and using it in the right way. We’re here for the long haul, and when you succeed, so do we.

  • Do you need IT support that prevents problems rather than just fix them as they come up? Our proactive IT support service is focused on stopping problems before they can cause downtime for your system, and on maintaining the productivity of your staff so you stay at your best all the time.
  • Do you need advice on your IT investments? What about a plan for the future of your business? Our IT consulting and virtual chief information officer service is here to help guide you into the future. We help keep your technology cost-effective by ensuring you make the right investments and have a strategy for using, repairing, and replacing your IT as times change.
  • Do you want to take advantage of the latest software and systems without paying crazy licensing fees? Our system virtualization service is the answer you need. We can consolidate your different applications, servers, networks, and other IT systems into a virtual system you access via the Internet, streamlining your services and cutting down on your costs.

Do You Need Advice on Your IT Investments? What About a Plan for the Future of Your Business? Try GenX’s IT Consulting Service!

It’s not enough to simply get shiny new toys when it comes to information technology. Some IT companies love to push the newest models and designs at their clients, without ever thinking of whether or not they make any sense for their clients’ businesses. Do you actually need those products, or will they just be a waste of your time and money?

Instead, ask yourself: Do you have a plan for the future of your IT? Are you making the right investments now so you’ll get a good return down the road? Ready for the most reliable IT consulting NYC offers? Have you made the right purchases that actually meet your needs and keep your employees productive?

If you’re not sure about the answers to those questions, GenX can help. We’re about more than just fixing broken computers and selling IT products. We want to sit down with you, find out what you’re all about, and work with you to make an IT strategy that makes sense for your needs. Are you looking for a PARTNER when it comes to your IT? Then give us a call today at (844) 436-9832 so we can talk about YOUR needs and how we can help.

Our IT Consulting and virtual Chief Information Officer (what a mouthful!) service is about giving you the benefit of our team’s collective experience. That’s not just IT expertise, but also business acumen. Our solutions are focused on business needs first, so we’re masters of adapting IT strategies for the unique needs and challenges of our different clients. How we get there boils down to a simple strategy:

  1. Learn About Your Business & Technology:
    • We listen before we do anything else. We want you to tell us about your business: what your goals are (both short-term and long-term), and what you want your technology to do for you.
    • Then we ask the right questions to find out more. We talk with you and your key employees to find out what you already use your IT for. We want to first find out not the nitty-gritty details, but the overall FEEL of your systems – are things doing what you want them to? Where are you frustrated? What works and, most important, what doesn’t work?
    • Then we can go around and take a look at your systems. We make a complete analysis of all your systems, figure out how everything is used, and begin to learn what can be done to make things work better.
  1. Prepare for Challenges:
    Once we have an idea of where your business currently is, we need to establish what will be the challenges in improving. This comes down to three things:

    • Time – We need a realistic schedule for how things can be fixed, and to set priorities so the most important issues are dealt with first.
    • Ability – We want to make sure we provide systems that make sense for you and your employees. There might need to be some training involved to ensure you get the most out of the technology that will work best for your needs.
    • Budget – New systems, repairs, and upgrades all cost money. We’ll work with you to create an appropriate and realistic budget for your IT needs, so we can work on improvements without breaking the bank.
  1. Make a Plan:
    The assessment and challenges come together in a plan that we actually write down so we can take a look at the whole thing. We lay it all out in simple, easy-to-understand English with no technobabble, and make sure that everyone is on board with all of the steps.
  1. Follow the Plan:
    After that, we actually start moving with the plan step by step. We’ll stick by you and make sure that we keep up with the schedules and stay in budget, and that the improvements come along as planned.
  1. Change the Plan:
    It’s important to remember that times will change. Your needs today won’t be the same as three years from now. Technology won’t be the same then either. Having a plan is important, but it needs to be flexible. We’ll revisit the strategy periodically to make changes as necessary, and we’ll always stay focused on the future.

 What is it that YOU’RE looking for from your IT? We’re here to do more than just provide products and services – we want to be your partner in IT and advise you on the future of your business. Call GenX today at (844) 436-9832 to set up a free, no-obligation review of all your business systems. We’ll show you what’s working for you, what isn’t, and how we can make it better.

Do You Need Better Communications? What About a Lowered Phone Bill? Then You Want Our VoIP Phone Service!

Quick question: How high is your phone bill this month? Don’t worry, we already know the answer: Too high. Okay, that’s true of ANY bill, but office phone systems seem to just get more expensive every year. And that’s just for a basic system with a few extensions and some basic features. If you want high-end business-class features, you’re probably going to be paying out the nose.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

GenX has the solution: a VoIP phone system for your business. Easily customizable, reliable, flexible, and you can take it anywhere you go. Plus it’s a good deal less expensive. Who doesn’t want more for less? Call us at (844) 436-9832 today and we’ll talk about how a VoIP network can be the answer you’re looking for.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones use an Internet connection to work instead of a traditional connection. That may not sound like a big deal, but trust us, that’s why they’re good. It’s how they don’t cost anywhere near the amount a traditional network does, and it’s also what lets VoIP phones have more versatility and features. Here are some of the benefits you can get from a VoIP solution from GenX:

  • Affordability: We provide your VoIP phone network for a flat-rate monthly fee. No hidden costs on your bill, no potential add-ons that you weren’t expecting, none of that stuff. Just the services you want at a price that could potentially cut your monthly bill in half.
  • Security: With a hosted VoIP solution from the cloud, your network won’t be confined to a system directly in your office. That means if anything ever happens to your onsite equipment, your phone system is still safely operating from an offsite data center without any interruptions.
  • Convenience: Your VoIP phone network is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Use the same phone lines at the office, at home, on the go with a mobile device, wherever.
  • Ease of Use: You might hear “Internet device” and worry that VoIP phones will be a lot more complicated than your current phone system. No worries: we keep the interfaces user-friendly and help you with installation and training to get the most out of them.
  • Reliability: Our VoIP systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure they stay online so you never have to worry about unexpected downtime.
  • Adaptability: VoIP solutions are easily scaled to the needs of your business. How many extensions do you need? What services do you want? Pay for those and nothing more!

Advanced Features: VoIP phones let you access business class features normally unavailable on traditional phone networks for smaller businesses, such as:

  • PBX (Private branch exchange) capabilities
  • Conference calling
  • Automated phone attendants
  • Desk-to-desk calling
  • Music-on-hold
  • And more

What is it that YOU’RE looking for from your IT? We’re here to adapt our technologies for your goals, and our VoIP phone systems can be customized to fit any number of needs. Call GenX today at (844) 436-9832 to set up a free, no-obligation review of all your business systems. We’ll show you what’s working for you, what isn’t, and how we can make it better.

Do You Need Versatility? What About Easy Accessibility? If Yes, You Want Our Cloud Services!

There’s a lot of chatter about the cloud when people talk about information technology these days. Let’s not go into huge detail about just what the cloud is. It’s been around long enough, and we’re not going to talk down to you like that. So instead, let’s talk about what the cloud can do for you.

We asked above if you were looking for versatility and easy accessibility for your business. That’s what the cloud is all about when it comes to business IT. Convenience is the name of the game, and GenX knows how to play. Is convenience what you need for your business? Call us at (844) 436-9832 today and we’ll talk about how we can customize a cloud solution that fits your needs.

Cloud solutions are making it easier every year for businesses to customize and streamline their use of IT. Here are some of the main benefits of cloud services:

  • Easy accessibility for you and your staff members, letting you collaborate on documents and projects from anywhere you can get online.
  • Increased speed & reliability from streamlined systems that aren’t bogged down by aging hardware, increasing your productivity.
  • Affordability that lets you customize exactly what technology your business has access to and optimizes the solutions you already use.
  • Scalability that lets you adapt your technology to evolve as your business does, so you never pay for more than what you need every day.
  • Security for all your data and systems in the cloud, making sure you get multiple layers of protection so you never have to worry about your data being lost or misused.

We offer a variety of Cloud Solutions, including:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Services & Consulting
  • Cloud-Based Data Backup & Storage
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • Email & Security Services
  • Cloud-Based Internet Security & Content Filtering
  • File Sharing & Synchronization Services for Enhanced Collaboration
  • Hosted VoIP Business Telephone Services
  • Specialty Applications & Services
  • And more

We’re also here to talk about how to use the cloud creatively. Lots of people immediately jump to saying, “Hey, now I can work from home!” But it’s not always that simple, and to really leverage the time-saving power of the cloud, you’ve got to be prepared to adapt how you do business to your new abilities. So we’ll also stick around and brainstorm with you and your key staff to figure out the right way to use the IT we provide, and ensure everyone manages to get the right experience from it.

What is it that YOU’RE looking for from your IT? We’re here to adapt our technologies for your goals, and our cloud services can be customized to fit any number of needs. Call GenX today at (844) 436-9832 to set up a free, no-obligation review of all your business systems. We’ll show you what’s working for you, what isn’t, and how we can make it better.

Do You Need IT Support That Prevents Problems Rather Than Just Fixes Them? Look for Proactive Solutions from GenX!

A good IT support company should be about more than just coming in and fixing a broken computer. Yeah, that’s important, but on its own it’s certainly not enough. By the time you call for tech support on an IT problem, you’re already losing your most important resource: time. Downtime is the bane of businesses everywhere, and it costs you more than just money:

  • Your employees’ productivity and morale is drained away while they either fight with slow and malfunctioning systems, or just sit around and wait for IT to be repaired or to catch up with them.
  • Business opportunities are potentially lost while you miss out on emails and phone calls, or can’t pay enough attention to someone who walked in the door because you’re busy yelling at your computer.
  • Loss of reputation as clients see you fight with your systems or miss something important that was lost to data corruption.
  • Plus the cost of repairs (money is still a big deal too!).

That’s why at GenX we don’t just install some systems and then only show up again when there’s a problem. We stick around and support you. If there are problems, we respond quickly and thoroughly, and when there AREN’T problems (hopefully most of the time), we’re available to provide tips and tricks and talk about your future goals.

Are you looking for a partner who calls YOU, and doesn’t just sit waiting for problems to happen? Call us today at (844) 436-9832 so we can talk about how to apply our expertise to protect YOUR livelihood.

We have a simple philosophy when it comes to supporting your business:

  • Be Proactive: As we mentioned, you’re already losing time and money by the time you’re reacting to a problem. That’s why we focus on proactive solutions for your IT – regular maintenance of your equipment, constant check-ups on the health of your systems, regular upgrades and updates, and 24/7 remote monitoring to check for potential issues and resolve them before they can cause downtime.
  • Be Available: In addition to monitoring your IT ourselves, we’re also available over the phone or online whenever you need someone to talk to, whether it’s to have IT-related questions answered or to troubleshoot a problem you’re having. We strive for fast responses and quick resolution, and we can resolve most problems remotely – so we can get to work right away.
  • Be Smart: Over the years we’ve been taking care of IT for businesses like your own, we’ve collected quite a lot of solutions for IT issues. We pre-emptively apply all of the solutions that could benefit your business when we take care of your systems, so we stop problems from happening in the first place. Plus, any time we develop a solution with one client, we turn around and apply it everywhere else too.
  • Be Informative: We stay up-to-date on the newest solutions put out on the market. That doesn’t mean we’re going to try to get you to buy every new toy available, but we are keeping track of new ways to improve your productivity and proactively solve problems. We also offer training for your IT services and software, helping you get a better handle on actually making things happen with your technology.

What is it that YOU’RE looking for from your IT? If you want to stop problems before they can drag your business down, we can offer the proactive solutions you need. Call GenX today at (844) 436-9832 to set up a free, no-obligation review of all your business systems. We’ll show you what’s working for you, what isn’t, and how we can make it better.

Do You Need the Power of the Cloud but Want Something Familiar? Empower Your Business With Microsoft Office 365!

There are a LOT of options out there for cloud computing, and here’s the thing: not all of them are equal. Some are very specialized, others just aren’t particularly powerful, and many aren’t all that user-friendly. When you’re just looking for a system that will let your business leverage the power of the cloud without a bunch of bells and whistles that don’t mean anything to you, how do you start?

Simple and easy answer: Microsoft Office 365. You probably already use Office programs like Word, Excel, and Outlook every day. It’s no different with 365 – the same easy-to-use features, but expanded on and put in the cloud to make it infinitely more affordable and accessible for any business of any size. Does that sound like what your business needs? Then call GenX today at (844) 436-9832 so we can talk about how we can customize an Office 365 solution for YOUR needs.

It’s honestly pretty simple to get switched over to Office 365, particularly if you’re already using the traditional Office applications. There’s no steep learning curve involved, and all the programs still use the exact same file extensions so you don’t have any annoying compatibility issues down the road with your old files.

The GenX team will come in, meet with you and your key staff, and find out what you need when it comes to a cloud solution. The nice thing about Office 365 is how customizable the solution is, so we can make sure you get only the size and scale of service that actually matches your needs. Nice way to save money and keep things simple! Plus we’ll make sure the transition to Office 365 is smooth and fast, so you don’t have to worry about extended downtime to drag your productivity down.

Let’s talk benefits:

  • A Familiar Feel: You’re probably already familiar with programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook – there’s no difference in how they work in Office 365. Pick up exactly where you left off on any files you’ve already created, and you never have to poke around looking for new functions: everything stays user-friendly to make it easy to switch.
  • 24/7 Universal Access: All of your files, contacts, email messages, and calendars can be accessed from anywhere you go – the office, home, or in the field with your mobile device. Just go online, and bam! There they are.
  • Improved Collaboration & Productivity: The easy file-sharing and accessibility from Office 365 makes collaboration among your employees easier than ever before, plus productivity is ensured by the easy accessibility and the constant uptime of your system. No more sitting and waiting around for your technology to catch up to you!
  • Pay-as-you-go Pricing: You can scale your version of Office 365 to the unique needs and size of your business. Get access for only as many users as you need at a time, save money and keep your IT budget predictable.
  • Business-class Security: Features to ensure that you never have to worry about your Office 365 technology failing you or being unavailable, such as:
    • IT-level phone support
    • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
    • Disaster recovery services
  • Microsoft Office 365 Suite: Access to a suite of extra cloud-based features that can help further improve your staff’s productivity, including:
    • Office Professional Plus: Enhancements to the regular products of Microsoft Office so you can take advantage of the cloud for greater accessibility and collaboration.
    • Exchange Online: Enhanced cloud-computing solutions for your email, upgrading how you use email to maintain business continuity and your schedule.
    • SharePoint: A hub for sharing files and information for you and your staff, to inspire and encourage collaboration that increases your productivity and your bottom line.
    • Lync Online: Helping you get better reliability and a reduced carbon footprint by moving all your communications to an online format.

What is it that YOU’RE looking for from the cloud? You can trust in the GenX team to work with you, find out your needs, and develop an Office 365 solution that’s right for YOU. Call us today at (844) 436-9832 to set up a free, no-obligation review of all your business systems. We’ll show you what’s working for you, what isn’t, and how we can make it better.

Are You Looking to Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Your IT Systems? Our Virtualization Service is the Answer!

Lots of smaller businesses would love to leverage the latest and most innovative information technology out there – that goes without saying, really. So why don’t they? Money. The best software and systems are also the most expensive (and also sometimes the most difficult to properly implement!), so most days it’s felt like it’s just out of the question for a business worried about keeping a reasonable IT budget.

Those days are over.

GenX is here to say that you can take advantage of the same high-powered IT systems as any of the big companies out there, with a little bit of help from our virtualized systems. Are you looking to cut costs and save space, time, and frustration with your IT? Then call us today at (844) 436-9832 to talk about how we can design a virtualized system that meets YOUR needs.

Virtualization is a powerful new kind of technology that lets modern computers run multiple operating systems and applications at the same time. That means we customize and consolidate the IT systems you use into a streamlined, simple, and easy-to-access virtual environment. Your systems become more efficient and powerful, your applications get deployed faster, and a lot of your basic operations get automated. Sounds pretty good, right?

Here’s how your operational costs get reduced:

  • Consolidating your servers & applications so you have less to worry about and maintain, your operating expenses are reduced, and you have less opportunity for IT downtime.
  • Keeping you prepared for future disasters by having a virtual backup system available, so it’s easy and quick to boot up your system even if your in-office equipment is damaged.
  • Applying policy-based automation so you get routine tasks automated by your systems, improving your performance and ensuring that your data usage complies with any regulations your industry faces.
  • Migrating all the complex IT infrastructure you use into a streamlined virtual system that uses less hardware, less power, and is ultimately much easier to use and manage.
  • Improving the security of your virtualized network so you don’t have to worry that part of your system is made vulnerable by aging hardware or software that’s incompatible with your other systems.

So that’s all great, right? But wait, there’s more (Yeah, we sound like a bad infomercial, but come on, this is pretty great!)! With today’s technology, we can virtualize pretty much anything that you want to access when it comes to information technology:

  • Servers: Letting multiple operating systems run on one single physical server, giving you a more efficient, adaptive and easy-to-use server system.
  • Networks: Simulating the benefits and guarantees of a physical network but applying the innovative efficiency and speed of virtualization.
  • Desktops: Offering remote access to specific parts of your systems without sacrificing security or performance.
  • Applications: Applying better availability, speed, and agility to your key business applications, ensuring efficiency and better disaster recovery.
  • Storage: Giving you the benefits in space-efficiency and performance that come with better storage layers without the need of additional hardware.

You name it; we can virtualize it. We’re here to save you time, frustration, space... and did we mention money? Pretty sure we may have said it once or twice.

What is it that YOU’RE looking for from your IT? You can trust in the GenX team to work with you, find out your needs, and develop a virtualization solution that’s right for YOU. Call us today at (844) 436-9832 to set up a free, no-obligation review of all your business systems. We’ll show you what’s working for you, what isn’t, and how we can make it better.

Are You Worried About The Security of Your Technology? Do You Need Protection from Cybercrime? We Can Help!

You’ve already spent a lot of money on your information technology, and you’re going to spend more in the future. Oh sure, you’re going to come across lots of IT companies clamouring about how they’ll save you money (we do our best when it comes to that, ourselves!), but the simple truth is that there are no magic IT solutions that don’t require some kind of investment, especially with email security!

With that in mind, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to protect that investment. Your information technology needs to be maintained and monitored to ensure that it will keep giving you a good return on the money you put into it. But IT security is about more than just installing an anti-virus program and a firewall and calling it a day. It’s about thinking ahead. It’s about knowing how criminals think so you can keep up with them and outsmart them. It’s about making a plan.

That’s our wheelhouse. The team at GenX stays on top of the changes in technology to make sure that our clients are always prepared for any new kinds of threats. We go above and beyond just installing security services – we analyze your business systems for vulnerabilities, work to patch the holes, and teach you how to outsmart the cybercriminals looking to make a buck off of you.

Do you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your IT is secure from threat? Then give us a call today at (844) 436-9832 so we can talk about YOUR needs and how we can help.

It’s vital not to take your security for granted. Too many businesses see stories about hacking and data theft on big companies like Adobe and Home Depot and think, “That’ll never happen to me.” But the truth is that smaller companies are targeted by cybercriminals all the time – we just don’t hear about it in the news. Smaller companies are typically easier targets because they don’t prepare for threats properly, and many never even know they’ve been compromised.

So that sounds a bit scary. Let’s focus instead on how we keep you protected:

  • Security Consulting to assess your systems for any vulnerabilities and make sure the holes are patched. We look at your business the same way a hacker would (we won’t come in dressed in black leather trenchcoats and shades, though), and use that perspective to teach you how to outwit cybercriminals looking to exploit you.
  • 24/7 Monitoring of your IT systems and networks, so we immediately get warned if someone’s accessing your files who shouldn’t be, and can get to work right away in keeping your systems safe.
  • Anti-Virus Software & Services that are tried and true (nothing downloaded for free from some random site). We implement sweeping protection against all of the known kinds of malware, and also keep everything updated as new threats are uncovered every day.
  • Managed Firewall & Web Filtering Services that keep unauthorized users out of your systems, but don’t slow you or your staff down.
  • Email Protection & Archiving, because your email is the gateway to the rest of your business technology. We’ll safeguard you against everything from annoying spam to the trickiest malware and phishing attempts, and we’ll make sure your important emails are backed up so you never have to worry about losing them.

Is Your Business Prepared For Any Disaster? Do You Need Peace of Mind Knowing You’re Secured? GenX Can Help with Business Continuity!

There are always going to be disasters out there that could hit your business. It doesn’t have to be something big like another Hurricane Sandy – it could be as simple as an accidentally deleted file or a spilled can of Coke. You can’t anticipate every single kind of mishap that could happen to your business, and you can’t magically make your information technology impervious to every disaster, big or small.

So... what can you do? If you can’t know every disaster that’s coming, how do you keep your business prepared?

The answer is to use proactive solutions that make it easy to recover from ANY disaster, whether they’re large or small, natural or manmade. At GenX, we’re masters of Business Continuity – preparing all parts of your business to weather the storm and bounce back quickly and efficiently, ready to immediately get back to work no matter what’s happened. Do you know if your business is prepared for the future? Call us today at (844) 436-9832 so we can talk about how to apply our expertise to protect YOUR livelihood.

Every business is unique, and so everyone needs a unique plan to be prepared for the future. That’s why we always start with an assessment of your business, so we can see what needs to be done to keep you safe. There are a few things that we’ll do for every business, though:

  • Create a Disaster Recovery Plan: We work with you to make sure you have a simple plan that’s easy to follow if you ever find your business hit by disaster. We lay out step-by-step what needs to be done in order to quickly restore your systems and data – who needs to do what, and what to expect.
  • Backup Your Data: We make sure to regularly backup your systems and files both in your office AND in one of our data centers offsite. That way you get double the protection: easy backups for common problems like system corruption or lost files, and offsite recovery for if your office equipment is ever damaged.
  • System Virtualization: If your in-office equipment is ever damaged – never fear! When we back up your systems, we’re taking a virtual picture of your servers and PCs, essentially saving everything you use, including files, applications, operating systems, and settings. We can use that to boot up a virtual copy of your computer environment in the cloud, so you can use it from any device that accesses the Internet. It’s just like working on your office computer, except anywhere you want.
  • 24/7 Backup Monitoring: It’s not enough to just believe that your backups are working correctly because you get a message saying so. We actually monitor and test your backups around the clock, so we can see for ourselves that they’re working correctly.
  • Do a Dry Run: This is like a fire drill. We’ll run through your entire recovery plan as if a real disaster has struck. Everyone is involved, and we’ll perform a full restoration from your backups to prove your plan works and show you how it’s done.

What is it that YOU’RE looking for from your IT? If you’re concerned about future disasters slowing you down or even shutting your doors, we can give you peace of mind. Call GenX today at (844) 436-9832 to set up a free, no-obligation review of all your disaster preparedness. We’ll show you what’s working for you, what isn’t, and how we can make it better.

Is Your Business Safe From Cybercrime and Hackers? With Our Help, The Answer Will Always Be Yes!

It’s all too easy to think that your business is never going to be targeted by cybercrime, and we get that. After all, there are SO many businesses out there, and so many huge targets that seem like they must draw all of the fire. When you hear the news about data theft or hacking attacks, it’s always reporting on big chains like Home Depot or large software companies like Adobe.

But trust us, you’re actually more of a target than you think. You don’t hear about hacking attacks on smaller companies because many don’t even know they’ve been compromised, and lots of those that do sweep it under the rug. Hackers are actually more likely to go after a smaller business specifically because they expect you won’t have the kind of security that can stop them. It’s a harsh truth, but you’ve got to roll with it.

That’s where we come in. Once you accept the truth that you’re a target, you need to figure out where you’re vulnerable, and GenX can help. To stop a hacker, you need to think like a hacker. That means knowing their tricks, knowing their tactics, and knowing what they look for when they’re testing a system. We’ll do all of that for you, and then we’ll help you patch the holes and keep your business protected.

Would you be able to tell if your system had been compromised? Not sure? Let us help. Call us today at (844) 436-9832 so we can talk about YOUR security and how we can make sure it’s complete.

Okay, so how do we start? First things first:

  1. Look for Vulnerabilities: Like we said: to beat a hacker, you’ve got to think like one. We analyze every part of your IT both internally AND externally, looking at your security settings and also seeing what a hacker would see if they were checking you out online. This way, we not only see any potential problems in your internal systems, but also catch any glaring issues that might not be obvious just from your settings alone.

But simply looking at your settings isn’t enough to really check how safe you are. To truly get a sense of your security, we’ll need to:

  1. Test Your Defenses: Yes, this means actually trying to break in. We use penetration testing to see if we can get through your defenses with common (and uncommon) hacker techniques. This way, we find out what’s working, and more importantly, what ISN’T working.

So now we know what your defenses are like. We’re not just going to give you a report and walk away, though. Now we’ll help you:

  1. Improve Your Defenses: This isn’t just flinging up some standard anti-virus software and a firewall. It means taking what we’ve learned and combining that with what we know about YOUR business, YOUR needs, and YOUR budget. It means finding the right tools, scanning capabilities, end point protection, and security settings to fit how you do business and keep you not only safe, but also productive.

Better. But simply putting in better defenses isn’t enough on its own. Now we have to:

  1. Watch for Threats: Constant vigilance! We use 24/7 remote monitoring on your systems, so if a threat is detected, our alarms go off and immediately let us know someone’s trying to break in. That way, we don’t just trust in automatic defenses – we actively push back the intrusion and check for cracks in the walls.

We also make sure that YOU are better informed and educated on how hackers work. They are tricky devils, and so we need to ensure you can see the telltale signs of a phishing attempt or potential malware hiding in an unassuming email message. We stay up-to-date on the latest security threats and make sure you get the benefit of our constant knowledge.

What is it that YOU’RE looking for from your security? If you’re worried about confidentiality or potential breaches of financial information, we know how to keep you safe. Call GenX today at (844) 436-9832 to set up a free, no-obligation review of all your IT security. We’ll show you what’s working for you, what isn’t, and how we can make it better.