Ganesh Samaroo / VP


Ganesh is the face of GenX, and he’s what keeps us looking good. He’s got over fourteen years’ experience working in the IT industry, both on the technical side of things (as a Desktop Support Technician and Server Engineer), and as a Client Relations Manager. That’s why we let him do the talking here – he sounds good doing it.

Back in 2008, we knew we needed someone to focus on the people we work with, and Ganesh was the right man for the job. We like our technology, but at the end of the day this job is about people first, and Ganesh knows how to figure out what people want and need the technology to do for them. He’s the all-important bridge between the end-user and the technician who makes IT happen.

Over his career, Ganesh has held positions at Credit Suisse Asset Management Division and Schonbraun McCann Group, so like Steve, he understands the critical relationship between finances and technology.

Ganesh brings his technical skills and depth of experience with relationship management to GenX clients, and that’s not just to serve as the bridge between the client and GenX. Often Ganesh also serves as a liaison between clients, vendors and hardware manufacturers, ensuring that our clients get the most out of the technology from every angle, whether we’re the source or not. He’s a powerful advocate to have on your side.

When he’s not out helping our clients, he’s also trying to enjoy the world outside the office. You’ll often find Ganesh out on his bike – whether he’s cycling in-town to go visit a client or a friend, or offroad getting away from it all for a bit.