What are the IT Needs of Your Healthcare Practice?

Healthcare organizations have to be very careful with their use of information technology these days.

healthcare Information Technology

It’s not just about improving conveniences for you anymore (though the right IT solutions for your other needs generally will be pretty convenient):

  • You’ve got regulations like HIPAA and HITECH to contend with,
  • Confidential health information for your clients to protect,
  • And increasingly tech-savvy patients who want easier and faster access to their protected health information (PHI).

So what we want to know is: what are YOU looking for when it comes to information technology for your healthcare clinic? At GenX, we have a wide range of potential services and solutions we can apply for you, but we want to know what you need so we can tailor our service to match. HIPAA compliance your main concern? We can take care of that and get you focused on actually using IT that will improve your organization and let you focus on providing better care for your patients. Call us at (844) 436-9832 and we’ll be thrilled to talk about it.

Now, while it’s great to just ask “What do you need?” and wait for a phone call, you probably want to see a bit more than that. Anyone can just leave it to you to pick up the phone. So let’s focus on a few values that our existing healthcare clients have, and how we provide solutions to meet them:

  • Security:
    • Do you need regulation compliance? HIPAA and HITECH are at the top-of-mind for all healthcare organizations in the country now. There’s also Meaningful Use to contend with, and the general worries over your patients’ PHI. We can do auditing and consultation on staying compliant to these regulations without breaking your budget or neglecting the other parts of your business.
    • Do you need peace of mind? A big part of protecting your patients is to make sure their confidential data is secure. We help you backup your IT systems and files and make a plan to react to any level of disaster quickly and easily, so you can be safe from any disaster, whether it’s from a data theft attempt, a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, or just a simple mistake by a doctor accidentally clicking “delete.”
  • Convenience:
    • Do you need better access to your files in and out of the office? Our cloud solutions can help you and your staff access your confidential data securely online from wherever you can access the Internet, expanding how you can provide care outside your office. You can also use the cloud and mobile technology to access records more quickly in the exam room!
    • Do you need to go paperless? Physical records are becoming a big problem for many clinics, taking up valuable space and wasting resources and time. We can help get your physical files scanned and transferred to electronic format and put new systems in place to make it faster and easier to create electronic records in the first place.
  • Strategy:
    • Do you need IT support that prevents problems instead of just fixing them? We’re big believers in getting stuff taken care of before it can become a problem in the first place. We remotely monitor your systems around the clock, so we can catch IT issues before they can drag your productivity down.

What are the needs of YOUR healthcare organization? We’re here to do more than just provide products and services – we want to be your partner in IT and advise you on the future of your practice. Call GenX today at (844) 436-9832 to set up a free, no-obligation review of your HIPAA compliance. We’ll show you what’s working for you, what isn’t, and how we can make it better.