A Hedge Fund Firm in Manhattan Looks to GenX Tech Solutions, Inc. For a Comprehensive Network & Information Systems Setup & Business Continuity Solution to Improve Efficiency!

When a hedge fund firm in Manhattan was looking for a more comprehensive network and information systems setup, as well as a reliable business continuity solution, GenX Tech Solutions, Inc. was the obvious choice!

As an investment management company, their technology challenges are fairly unique – from maintaining compliance to ensuring communication with clients, and as their previous network and information systems setup was fairly patchy and less comprehensive than necessary, they needed an IT support company to help them improve their setup and operate more efficiently.

The Situation: A Lack of Business Continuity and a Network & Information Systems Setup That Wasn’t Comprehensive Enough

Prior to working with GenX Tech Solutions, Inc., their technology environment was fairly patchy and less comprehensive than necessary. The COO of the hedge fund firm explained, “the network we had wasn’t really appropriate for a business. We didn’t have a shared file server and it seemed to be patched together, almost like a home office setup instead of a business setup with proper redundancies and security permissions.

He continued, “I didn’t know the previous outsourced IT guy but the feedback I’ve gotten from people was lukewarm – I knew Ganesh [Windows System Engineer at GenX Tech Solutions, Inc.] when I did some consulting work for another company, he set up their network and I knew he did good work; so I decided to talk with him and see what they could do for us.”

In addition to a lack of comprehensive networking equipment to meet their needs, they also lacked a shared file server. The COO explained, “We were using SugarSync, which is more of a personal solution, like DropBox, but somehow it worked for multiple users. I’ve worked with other companies before, and it wasn’t what I expected to see in terms of what a secure file server would look like.

The Resolution: A Comprehensive & Reliable IT Environment & Business Continuity That Keeps Their Business Operating at All Times

After assessing their environment, GenX Tech Solutions, Inc. decided to rebuild their environment from scratch – procuring a Dell PowerEdge server and installing VMware vSphere 5.5 on it, then installing 3 Microsoft Server 2008’s on it. Once finished, they migrated all of the desktops to the active directory while retaining each user’s profiles. Then a few months later, they installed a hosted telephony solution, as well as Microsoft Office 365, to improve communication.

The COO discussed the benefits of their new environment, “it’s being able to operate efficiently. We’re registered with the SEC, which brings a lot of regulatory requirements in terms of network security and having a shared file server with daily backups. I think it’s imperative to have the security you need, so having the security this network offers for us is important.”

He also discussed the importance of their business continuity solution, “Our servers are backed up in the cloud, which allows us to operate in a manner where in the case of an emergency, we could bring our server up and work remotely. And we have VPN access for remote workers to access the server.”

When it comes to data loss, it’s simply not an option for their business. The COO explained, “I don’t think we’d be out of business, but it would definitely set us back a few days. We use some third party providers that store our data, so they have all of our client information, and if we weren’t able to access that information, it would certainly put us at a disadvantage.”

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