GenX Tech Solutions Offers Responsive IT Services & Support to Help a Small Real Estate Office Effectively Eliminate Frustrating Productivity Loss & Costly Downtime!

MCP Real Estate & Investment Management LLC is a small, family-owned office in Clifton, NJ that focuses on the personal, financial, and real estate interests of their clients. When MCP Real Estate & Investment Management LLC was tired of struggling with their previous IT support company, they decided to find an IT support company that was reliable and experienced enough to put an end to IT issues!

For MCP Real Estate & Investment Management LLC, it’s fundamental for their information systems to be reliable and secure.

The Situation: A Previous IT Support Company That Was Unresponsive

When their previous IT support company was hard to get hold of, even when their servers would crash and be offline for long durations of time, and they had constant problems with remote connectivity, MCP Real Estate & Investment Management LLC knew it was time to find something better.

Len Kanarek, CEO & General Counsel at MCP Real Estate & Investment Management LLC, explained, “When we set up our office, we used another IT support company, which did an inadequate job. Our systems never worked properly, so we contacted GenX and they’ve done a great job!”

He continued, “We also had terrible issues with remote connectivity, but they straightened out all of the problems and our systems are reliable and functional now. I knew them previously, we all worked together at another company, where they were the in-house IT people.”

The Resolution: A New Jersey IT Services & Support Company to Revamp Their IT Environment for Improved Reliability & Efficiency!

After being hired as their new IT support company, GenX Tech Solutions came in and rebuilt their entire Windows infrastructure onto 3 VMs, re-provisioned their old server to serve as a backup repository, and implemented a cloud backup solution for improved business continuity.

Now, MCP Real Estate & Investment Management LLC benefits from far less downtime and frustrating crashes! “We keep all of our data electronically, we try to get away from keeping paper; all of our financial information and important documents are electronic, and to be down, it’s just horrendous, especially when it’s for an extended period of time. It really reduces our productivity dramatically.” Len said.

Those problems have pretty much disappeared, but of course, it’s technology, and there can be issues, it’s just a question of whether or not those issues can be addressed promptly. No system is perfect, but the way our systems have been reengineered, they’re reliable and effective now!”

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