IT & Email Security

Are You Worried About The Security of Your Technology? Do You Need Protection from Cybercrime? We Can Help!

You’ve already spent a lot of money on your information technology, and you’re going to spend more in the future. Oh sure, you’re going to come across lots of IT companies clamouring about how they’ll save you money (we do our best when it comes to that, ourselves!), but the simple truth is that there are no magic IT solutions that don’t require some kind of investment, especially with email security!

With that in mind, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to protect that investment. Your information technology needs to be maintained and monitored to ensure that it will keep giving you a good return on the money you put into it. But IT security is about more than just installing an anti-virus program and a firewall and calling it a day. It’s about thinking ahead. It’s about knowing how criminals think so you can keep up with them and outsmart them. It’s about making a plan.

That’s our wheelhouse. The team at GenX stays on top of the changes in technology to make sure that our clients are always prepared for any new kinds of threats. We go above and beyond just installing security services – we analyze your business systems for vulnerabilities, work to patch the holes, and teach you how to outsmart the cybercriminals looking to make a buck off of you.

Do you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your IT is secure from threat? Then give us a call today at (844) 436-9832 so we can talk about YOUR needs and how we can help.

It’s vital not to take your security for granted. Too many businesses see stories about hacking and data theft on big companies like Adobe and Home Depot and think, “That’ll never happen to me.” But the truth is that smaller companies are targeted by cybercriminals all the time – we just don’t hear about it in the news. Smaller companies are typically easier targets because they don’t prepare for threats properly, and many never even know they’ve been compromised.

So that sounds a bit scary. Let’s focus instead on how we keep you protected:

  • Security Consulting to assess your systems for any vulnerabilities and make sure the holes are patched. We look at your business the same way a hacker would (we won’t come in dressed in black leather trenchcoats and shades, though), and use that perspective to teach you how to outwit cybercriminals looking to exploit you.
  • 24/7 Monitoring of your IT systems and networks, so we immediately get warned if someone’s accessing your files who shouldn’t be, and can get to work right away in keeping your systems safe.
  • Anti-Virus Software & Services that are tried and true (nothing downloaded for free from some random site). We implement sweeping protection against all of the known kinds of malware, and also keep everything updated as new threats are uncovered every day.
  • Managed Firewall & Web Filtering Services that keep unauthorized users out of your systems, but don’t slow you or your staff down.
  • Email Protection & Archiving, because your email is the gateway to the rest of your business technology. We’ll safeguard you against everything from annoying spam to the trickiest malware and phishing attempts, and we’ll make sure your important emails are backed up so you never have to worry about losing them.