Steven Chan / CEO


Steve has twenty-four years of IT experience, but he swears he still tries to get out to see the sun once or twice a year. The years of tinkering with electronics haven’t managed to turn him into a cave-dweller yet. How’s he kept from embracing the stereotype? It’s because he just can’t bring himself to focus on his own tech toys – he’s compelled to find IT solutions to improve the lives of everyone he knows.

A majority of Steve’s experience came from his years as a consultant to financial institutes including UBS, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, and Schonbraun McCann Group. So he knows first-hand how technology and money go together. That’s partly why he started GenX (no, not just to make money for himself, though hey, everyone needs a job): to make it easier to find affordable technology solutions that don’t sacrifice quality or support.

That’s why Steve keeps plugging away, building up more credentials and knowledge to find better ways to make IT work. He’s VMware certified, holding VMware’s Certified Associate and Certified Professional 5 certificates. He also brings extensive experience in server architecture, systems virtualization and network design.

In those rare instances that he’s not neck-deep in someone else’s computer, Steve would tend to gravitate towards tinkering in his home IT lab if it weren’t for his wife and dog pulling him away. The three of them go out to watch hockey and play in the park whenever they can, so Steve continues to remember what the sun feels like.

It feels pretty good.

GenX – No Problems, Only Opportunities

I have a simple philosophy when it comes to taking care of information technology for our clients: there are no problems – only opportunities.

GenX isn’t here just to fix a broken computer or sell a product to you (though we can do both of those things, and will probably need to at least ONCE in the course of our relationship). Let’s face it: IT products – the hardware and the software – are commodities. You can get them anywhere, from anyone. The same is true about fixing a broken computer. Anyone can walk into your office with a tool belt, open up a computer that’s been hiccupping, and clean it out.

We’re here not to focus on your technology, but on your business. IT issues aren’t just annoyances that mean we have to get out of our chairs and do some work. They’re important opportunities:

  • An opportunity to understand your business and IT needs.
  • An opportunity to build a better relationship with you by garnering trust and building rapport.
  • An opportunity to build a better, more efficient, and cost-effective solution.
  • An opportunity to optimize technologies for a more streamlined workflow.

I get excited when a new IT challenge is presented to me. It’s more than just the thought of making a paycheck – I feel galvanized by the opportunity to learn something new and to show off what my team is good at. My engines start revving and I want to get going immediately.

Why? Because it’s FUN.

That’s one of the big differences when it comes to my team. We’re not the boring fix-it guys who just come in and settle for “good enough.” We never settle. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the ever-changing world of technology – staying ahead of new innovations and figuring out how to keep our clients’ technology always at its best.

For me, that comes from a lifelong passion for IT and a drive to always find better solutions to problems that I encounter. There are times that I’ve felt like Frodo climbing Mount Doom – sometimes an IT issue can be like a weight that needs to be lifted, and I will climb to the top of any mountain to find the solution to make everyone’s lives easier.

So when it comes down to information technology, what I want to know is: what are YOU looking for? I want to be able to talk to you and find out not only your technological issues, but what your goals are, what you want your company to be, and how you want your life to be easier. I want to do what I can to help you achieve all that – when you’re successful, we’ll be successful too.

Steven Chan
GenX Tech Solutions